Little Amsterdam Coffee-
A foreign escape planted locally near the heart of Los Angeles. Located in the densely populated, evolving, Mid-City neighborhood; one of the cities most historic, culturally inclined communities. The refined appreciation for inclusivity gained through the district of our shop doesn’t stop at the seal of our door, but is sifted in every exotic organic bean brew served. With imports from some of the worlds infamous coffee capitals such as, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Ethiopia, your tastebuds can take a journey around the world without ever having to leave our beloved “City of Angels.” There is nothing little about the unique experience to be had while patronizing ‘Little Amsterdam Coffee’. Whether gathering with friends and colleagues, or getting some much needed “me time”, you will be encompassed by a bold fusion of coffee and creativity. Between aromatic whiffs of vivid brews be sure to peruse our fine art gallery—exhibiting proficient works of local artists, catch a vibe from our live localized musician displays, pop in for a pop-up shop supporting neighborhood artisans, or make your visit a complete family affair, getting hands on in one of our weekly hosted art classes. Take a first class flight out of your comfort zone and into our community driven safe place. ‘Little Amsterdam Coffee’, a remote trip of distinct brewed drip. Come take off a load, we know it’s heavy, the pot is hot, and your order is ready!